YOUNG GUN OF THE NORTH – Winner of 1st & 3rd Overall Midwest National Classic Old Birds

August 19, 2016
Jon and his lovely fiance Nikki holding 'Toto' and "Midwest Nikki'

Jon Bourgoin and his lovely fiance Nikki holding their Midwest winners; ‘Toto’ and “Midwest Nikki.’

From the age of two years, Jon Bourgoin has been in the pigeon lofts.  Mentored by his father Dave; a long-time fancier and fierce competitor since 1960.  Jon and his father began racing as full partners in 1999.  The team has been known as ‘Bourgoin Family Lofts‘, flying and competing in the Twin City Concourse of Minnesota.  They are members of the Minneapolis Racing Pigeon Club, one of the largest and most competitive clubs in the Twin Cities metro area.

As Bourgoin Family Lofts Jon and Dave have been quite successful.  In 2007 Jon met Nikki.  They recently became engaged and bought a beautiful home on the North end of the concourse.  Since 2014 they formed a team and now fly separately from father Dave. They do however share the same family of pigeons and are in competition on race day.  (A friendly competition) and they are the first to congratulate each other on a successful race day.


Father and son team, Dave and Jon Bourgoin.

In about 2007 Jon set a course to obtain some of the finest pigeons Europe had to offer.  He spared no expense in this effort, and has built a magnificent and dynamic family.  His team is based off his imports from Ludo Claessens, John Stoll, and Alfons Klaas.  This blended family is now very well known in the Upper Midwest, as well as many other areas around the country.  Many have now prospered with this wonderful family of pigeons.

Jon is a ‘Health Fanatic’ when it comes to his pigeons.  Jon and Dave make their own special formula grit.  They use Rapa Oregano, Pro-Vital, Creatine Powder, and Rapa Liquid.  Jon spends much time in the lofts and knows each and every one of his pigeons.  If you point to any particular pigeon in the loft he can give you a detailed history of the bird and literally quote the pedigree, as well as all the accomplishments of that particular pigeon.



3rd Overall MidWest Yearling Classic against

“Midwest Nikki,’ winner of  1st Midwest National Classic Old Birds against 3,619 birds & 296 lofts.

AU 15 BOURGOIN 80 PED copy

Click pedigree to enlarge.

If you Race in the USA it is a certainty that you have heard of the ‘Midwest National Classic Old Bird Race,’ flown from Topeka Kansas.  This race is without a doubt the largest and most prestigious race in America.  It is what I like to term ‘America’s Barcelona’. In 2016 there were 3,619 pigeons released from Topeka Kansas.  Jon placed 1st and 3rd with two yearlings flying to the perch!!  1st place was a Dark Check now named ‘Midwest Nikki’, and 3rd place was a White Grizzle now named ‘Todo’.


‘TOTO,’ winner of 3rd Midwest National Classic Old Birds against 3,619 birds & 296 lofts.


Click pedigree to enlarge.

The speed of ‘Midwest Nikki was 1913 YPM!!  To win this coveted race is certainly the dream of a lifetime.  To place 1st and 3rd is beyond a dream come true.  Jon and Nikki are very ‘down to earth people and are not on their high horse about this incredible victory …they still shake their heads and can’t believe this really happened.  Well I (the author) am not surprised in the least.  Acquiring the very best pigeons from around the world, coupled with a lifetime of hard work and dedication are what made this dream come true.  Congratulations Jon and Nikki on an outstanding performance at the ‘Midwest National Classic’ this year.  You have made us all so very proud here in the Twin Cities Concourse, and all of Minnesota.

Submitted by:

Tom Fremont
Midnight Blue Racing Lofts



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  1. Gary Whitebread on August 19, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    Nice article

  2. John Kaiyalethe on August 20, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Congrats Jon, your knowledge and work ethic are paying off! Nice write up Tom!
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