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June 1, 2016
Drew Lesofski visiting JEDD's.

Drew Lesofski visiting JEDD’s.

I always make a point to visit JEDD’s when I’m in the area because it has a huge selection where you can find just about everything you could or would want for your pigeons. There are always fanciers in the store and I’ve picked up a trick or two from my numerous conversations there.

Jedds TV

JEDD’s is the largest distributor of pigeon supplies in North America and is located in Anaheim, California. It was started by Dick Ricker in 1988 and is a family run business. JEDD’s, is an acronym with each letter representing the first name of each individual member of the family; (J)anice Ricker, (E)d Lemoine, (D)onna Lemoine and (D)ick Ricker….JEDD’s.

Pigeon feed display at JEDD's.

Pigeon feed display at JEDD’s.

A visit to JEDD’s is not complete without chatting with Greg McKnight, writer of the popular Rambling Memories articles on the Loft Report, one of the most knowledgeable fanciers I know…not counting Larry Tomlin, but who’s keeping track…

There's always someone at JEDD's!

There’s always someone at JEDD’s!

You can visit JEDD’s website by click here.



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