Victims of the 2016 AU Convention – Action Is Required

May 4, 2017


If you are a victim of the 2016 AU Convention and you were not paid your prize money or your prizes were changed after the race, let your voice be heard.

Contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department at their central station, phone (909) 387-3545 or fax (909) 387-3688.

Ask for Detective T. Hedy, Case Number #011701140.

Mailing address:

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
Detective T. Hedy
655 East Third Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415

If you want to be part of a Class Action lawsuit against the 2016 AU Convention call David Chen – (562) 698-3308 or Mark Karges – (951) 515-5903between 10am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time. 

Per an IRS agent, IRS form 3949A (click here for form) has been filed against the AU Convention Chairman who requested W-9’s but never filed them so that participants could file their 1099s with their 2016 tax filings.

If you file this form, send it to:

Fraud Division
Stop 31313
Fresno, CA 93888

The IRS is waiting to hear from you.

The 2016 AU Convention Non-Paid Handlers Committee




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