Update 2016 AU Convention

March 29, 2017


Twenty three handlers, for the 2016 AU convention race, met on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 to discuss action to be taken against the 2016 AU Convention Committee, relating to funds that have not been distributed to the handlers, breeders and to those who had birds in the import and race bird auctions.

Over the past week, based on our earlier news release, letters were received from around the country from breeders and those who had donated auction birds and from European fanciers who had sent birds for the import auction.

The handlers have decided to wait and gather more information from breeders and handlers and all those who are owed money before going to the prosecution attorney. They want to present to the prosecuting attorney a more comprehensive list of those who have not been paid by the 2016 AU Convention Committee.

If you are owed money, and have not already sent information, please send a “signed” letter to Mark Karges, as he is representing the handlers in preparing their case for the prosecuting attorney. The larger the pool of victims, the greater the impact their presentation to the prosecuting attorney will achieve.

Please include, your contact info: Name, address, phone, email.
What funds you are owed for example capital prizes (top 20 birds in each section), auction money, color class winners, first IF or CU birds, 1st state birds, and if you entered the team challenge. Please list the position your bird took and who was your breeder or handler, and what section (North, South or West) and the total number of birds you paid for. Or if you sent in auction birds, information about the birds you sent for auction and what they sold for.

Ipigeon still is holding onto the money collected from the race bird auction and they will cut a check to you once your information is verified. So send that info to Mark Karges.

Mark Karges
15630 Cecil Ave
Riverside, CA 92508

If you know of anyone who is owed money please forward this notice to them and get them into the group.

The next meeting of the handlers and other interested parties, will be Tuesday April 4th, 10 am, at the Denny’s off Highway 10, in Colton. Take the 9th st. exit, go one block north on 9th St to East Valley Blvd, turn left and go 1.5 blocks. Denny’s is on the left hand side of the street, just past the Mobil Gas Station.

John Vance


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