Turk Brand Syndicate Wins 2017 Omaha Grain Belt Classic

October 10, 2017

Turk Brand Syndicate has been a rising star in the field of One Loft Racing and once again they made the roses by winning the 2017 Omaha Grain Belt Classic with their hen “Omaha Queen.”

Omaha Queen

Caner Uyar and Chad Blocklinger’s winning hen’s sire is a cross between Bart van Oeckel and Bart Geerinckx bloodlines and the dame is a cross between Gaby Vandenabeele and a Bob King Janssen.

“Omaha Queen” was flown by Dennie Schnitker flying a distance of 361 miles. Even more impressive is Dennie only shipped 7 birds  and also took 11th Overall as well as first. There were 218 birds shipped to the race from 15 lofts.

International celebrity, Carter “King” Mayotte just missed first [again] this year by just 2.33 minutes. Still a great performance for a guy who was 4,407 miles away on holiday in Portugal.


Congratulations to all the breeders and handlers that made this race another great success.






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