May 10, 2018
Our famous Van Reet breeder for McKnight & Mellinger.

Our famous Van Reet breeder for McKnight & Mellinger.

By: Greg McKnight
Anaheim California USA
Email: gregmcknight92804@msn.com

I thought to share with you all some first training tips for a reminder and new fanciers alike.  Assuming your young birds are flying well and routing for a few weeks it’s time to train and the window of opportunity is now.  The birds are feeling well and have lots of muscle and energy so what I’ve found that if you fly the birds in the morning as usual then just give them enough seed to trap and you’ve accomplished the daily exercise needed and the birds sense the air for that unknown we humans can feel like the electrical interference and K factor along with who knows what else, so by doing this the birds are familiar with the days issues so then I crate them up and take them to the first toss which is usually short and they return quickly, by doing this the birds remain fit for they’ve flown already their regular 45 minutes plus and they get that excited burst of energy out of their system.

Note; Before this I’ve created at some time or another and let them set for some time up to a few hours to get used to being crated and that crowded feeling and after time they settle down in the baskets.

I do this method of fly and train for about a week and after that I’m tired of doing it and they just go directly to the basket then trained. This over the years has helped with early losses and smash trainers in my mind at least.

If you have time you may try this method for yourself.

Thank you for all your kind comments on past articles.


Greg McKnight



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