Tournament of Champions FINAL Results– Las Vegas

February 28, 2013

The Tournament of Champions final race was released on February 23, 013 from San Louis Rio, Arizona at 7am into sunny skies, wind from the SSW between 5-8 mph and 46 degrees. 152 birds were released with 109 clocking on the day from 286 miles flying over some of the most remote country in the continental United States.

Conditions upon return were sunny skies, 60 degrees but they did encountered a headwind as they came home with gusts between 20-25 mph making this race a good test for the breeders.

Winning breeders of the 2013 Tournament of Champions race Las Vegas, NV.

9 birds came together on the first drop with Bert Bruno clocking first with his blue bar hen, AU-12-ARPU- 46466 followed in order with Dave Wooten, John Timmerman and Stan George, CORO, Hugh Mitchell and Frank Cesario, Francis Sales, John Minnues, and Douglas Newman.

9 on a drop in the 2013 Tournament of Champions race Las Vegas, NV.

The first drop clocked at 12:34:30 for a speed of 1504.798 ypm. The 10th pigeon was C.L. Cages who clocked 2:35 minutes behind the first 9. The longtime duo Mary Ladin and Eddie Spetz took 13th place with their blue bar cock AU-12-FVC-2221 only 4:53 minutes behind the 1st drop.

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Other notable breeders in the 2013 Tournament of Champions final race were David Clausing who clocked in 18th place, 10:39 minutes behind, Bruce Cerone (Woods End Loft) clocked 27th and 23:23 minutes from 1st, local Vegas fancier Bill Ensign (B.B.B.) came in 40th, 24:53 behind and Tony Rossi was in 43rd place and 24:54 minutes out and legendary fancier Bill Traw in 64th place or 31:43 minutes from 1st.

Click on the YouTube icon to watch a short video
by Hector Vancheri describing the Tournament of Champions race loft.

The Tournament of Champions is a one loft race located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is owned and managed by long time Vegas fancier Hector Vancheri. To learn more about this race please click here or anywhere you see the races logo.

3 Responses to Tournament of Champions FINAL Results– Las Vegas

  1. Bianca campillo on September 3, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    I would like to get to get in touch with hector vancheri he is an old friend of my father Jose Campillo ( Gigi from the mariners) he was a witness at his wedding in liverpool he would love to get in touch with you if you remember him , please email me so I can put you in touch with him
    Bianca x

    • dlesofski on September 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm

      Hi Bianca,

      I sent you an email with Hector’s contact information.

      Thanks for reading the Loft Report!

      Drew Lesofski

  2. David Castillo on September 4, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    I just moved to Las Vegas 10 months ago.. I have friends that fly in Hawaii Like Allen Silva. He told me a guy lives in Vegas named Wes Tongo1 I’d like to see if I could get started with a little loft.. Here’s my cell808-864-3620 thanx

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