The Need for Speed – “Blue Diamond”

June 30, 2017
"Blue Diamond' - top stud cock for Cindy and Alex Bieche.

“Blue Diamond’ – top stud cock for Cindy and Alex Bieche.

Our great Stud cock bred from double“848” with double “Kaasboer,”  a very special breeding indeed. Many Belgian breeders do not believe in a lot of inbreeding. One great example. Jan Hooymans asked Gaby  Vandenabeele to place Bliksem together with a daughter of Whittenuik. Gaby said “You are out of your mind, breeding this close is crazy,” but Jan knew what he wanted and would not waver. From this pair Jan hit pay dirt and named his new addition  “Jonge Bliksem” from the start he proved to be a golden breeder. Wanting a great hen to go with this cock, he then sent his loft manager to purchase the best daughter of Koopmans “Kleine Dirk” which he affectionately named “ Dirkje.”   From his new Wonder  Pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje”  in their first year breeding they produced  “Super Harry” NL 07-2007621  who went on to win: 1st 37,728 pigeons, 1st 22,340 pigeons,  3rd 21,520pigeons and 1st. Nat. Ace Bird Long Distance 2009.   In 2010 Jan decided to have a Y/B sale from his family of birds. A young BC/H from his Wonder Pair, straight from the nest, set a new sales record. The new proud owner, Miss Gea Veenstra with a purchase price of 80,000 Euro (96,000 Euro with Taxes). In the 2017 South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) one of the 3 birds on the first drop was  from Jan Hooymans Wonder Pair.


Whether you believe that inbreeding has its place or not this may be something to keep in mind. For myself I have always liked to breed a sire or dam with a great performance based family that have a close concentration of the key breeders in the pedigree. Than mate this cock or hen to a different proven performance family. Using this method we mated“Blue Diamond” (06218-14-25)  to a hen from our Bieche De Baron family and they bred a first North California Combine 2016 y/B’s .  Our “Miss Blue Diamond” (06218-14-26) hen is the full sister of our “Blue Diamond” cock. In every way she is his equal in our breeding loft. She was mated to our Schellens import “Star Dancer” (09711-09-1131) and direct son of “Super Star” that was sold during the Pigeon Paradise (PIPA) auction for over $40,000. This pair bred our Bieche 6050 hen that clocked 1st.Comb. 2016 Y/B’s in our North California Combine. Than as a yearling I sent her to 6 races. Not first in the clock but several times arriving with the winning bird and recording   5th, 7th, 16th, 6th, 6th  in the North California Combine which I fly.

The breeding records of “Lucky 848:”

  • Sire “Blue Ace;” 2nd Ace Pigeon all Belgium Long Distance.
  • Sire of Marcel Aelbrecht foundation Cock “BAK 17.”
  • Sire “Diamond Bak 17,” winner of 10 x 1st and sire of 14th 10,670 pigeons and 15th 17,456 pigeons.
  • Sire “Nocole,” 1st Nat. Argenton and fastest of 36,966 pigeons.
  • Sire Super Racer “Booeke Watten” and “Geschelpte Blue Ace.”

Lucky 848

The Breeding Record of Gaston De Wouver’s Foundation Cock “Kaasaboer” (98- B- 6335690), who’s responsible for 7 first Overall National winners with some impressive results like: 1st 33,461 pigeons, 1st 22,676 pigeons, 1st 21,782 pigeons,  1st 19,728 pigeons, 1st 17,061 pigeons, 1st 14,245 pigeons, and  1st 3,986 pigeons!

A Gr. Son won 72,000 Euro in the Hebei China One Loft Race clocking 10 minutes out front. The great “Palme” is a granddaughter of “Kaasboer” and bred 2 First National winners of all Belgium! Both “Amalia” in 2011 than “Nikolais” in 2013 both sold on PIPA for 244,000 Euro.

“Kaasboer” has made such an impact in the loft of De Wouver  that from his 24 breeding pairs 17 of them all are direct from  “Kaasboer” on one side .


Of interest…. Trying to find more information on the parents of “Kaasboer” and his origins it took me a few week looking but not much could really be found.  Not until I did the Article on my New Grizzle family from Vict and Jens Goovaerts  did I get a few answers.   “Kaasboer” came to Gaston De Wouver in the way of an exchange from Jozef the older brother of Jen Goovaerts.  Being out of pigeons for a while Jan Goovaerts got back into pigeons in 2002. Many of the birds came from his brother Jozef along with some Grizzles.  At this point only being able to obtain records from Jan I would imagine that both brothers pretty much had the same family. Birds from local flyers  such as Geert Lambrecht, Scheers- Lodwijckx, Marcel Put, Marcel Janssens along with  D & L Van Dyck . On a side note,  I remember handling “Kaanibaal” and his brother “Den Bourges” at Van Dyck’s home back in 1996 when he received the Ace award for his “De Kannibal.” How times have changed, at that time I could have purchased youngsters from both cocks for only $500 each.  Van Dyck at that time  also had some great Grizzles.  What a connection.


Over the last 6 years, Jan Goovaerts with only 12 breeding pairs (mostly Grizzles) has recorded some excellent results in the big club in Antwerp with only sending 6 to 8 pigeons per race.  In 2011 alone he won 1st Yearling, 1st Y/B, and  1st All Around Pigeon.  Over a 3 year period he won 2 x 1st Champion Fond Club Antwerp.    In 2013 he won 1st Nat, Argenton 22,428 P fastest of 38,791 pigeons and in the same year won 1St Provincial Orleans 10,163 pigeons and fastest of 16, 615 pigeons. In 2015 he won 1st Nat. Bourges Zona B1 and he only sent 6 pigeons!   In 2016 he placed 17th Overall Nat. Bourges O/B’s against 19,736 pigeons, also having the No.1  Overall National Argenton Yearlings  scoring 6th from 18,363 pigeons.   A few weeks later from Argenton he won 20th 12, 449 pigeons!   If that was not enough, the PIPA ratings were posted and Vic & Jens Goovaerts had the 4th best record in the Overall Belgium 2015 – 2016 National Bourges Races.

The Vic and Jens Goovaerts Grizzals and their race record shows that truly all Grizzles are not the same. If you need more information about our World Class Imports that we have brought in over the last 4 years.   Call Alex Bieche  707-410-6604 or e/m |


Update …… Along with our August Wouters No.1 2009 Ace Belgium Speed Family “Blue Dream” we also decided to purchased two full sisters of “Sanjay 1,” winner of  SAMDPR  in 2015 to improve our lines.




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