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June 6, 2017

Stats blured

In every type of sporting event there are statistics that those following or participating in the sport use to analyze either their own performance or to figure out who are the top teams or individual performers in the sport.  In fact, tracking statistics has become almost an obsession for many sports fan and they look forward to seeing changes to an athlete’s performance weekly or even daily for some sports.  Within the pigeon sport, in club racing there some international standards that have been adopted (UPR/Unirate System) on how to measure a single bird or a breeder’s performance.  The American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) has adopted this system and many will check the AU’s National Database weekly during the racing season to see who is moving up and down the national rankings.

Joe Nemelka and I have been talking for a little while about whether it might make sense to provide some sort of One Loft Race (OLR) Stats Tracker for the pigeon hobby on The Loft Report.  The goal through this effort is to recognize those breeders that are doing well as well as to track some basic statistics for individual one loft races.  We’re are going to start providing statistics for the 2017 one loft races and believe it will provide some enjoyment and transparency for all of those in the sport.  The amount of time and effort required to provide the sport this information is going to be significant.  It is certain that small errors will be made – and corrected as they are identified.  It is certain that some will be critical of this effort for a variety of reasons.  Oh well – you can’t please all the people all the time.

While there are still some decisions being made on the information that will be tracked, here are some basic parameters that is being used to track the races and breeders.

One Loft Races

  • Only races on Wincompanion.
  • Race must have at least 300 birds when entries close.
  • Only tracking 2017 banded birds in 2017 races (no Spring/OB OLRs).


  • Must enter at least 3 separate races and at least 25 birds to be tracked.
  • Will only track easily identifiable breeders/partnerships.
    • Many breeders participate in syndicates and teams without identifying which breeder bred a bird. Those birds/breeders will not be tracked unless easily identified.
  • The Loft Report will provide a list of breeders being tracked shortly after close off entries for all the races being tracked. If a breeder meets the criteria and would like to be tracked they must sent a request to The Loft Report by sending an email to prior to August 15th.  After August 15th no more breeders will be added to the tracking list.

Regarding the information being tracked and rankings being made for both OLR and breeders.  Here are some examples of the statistics that will are considering being tracked.

One Loft Races

  • Number of birds entered
  • Number of birds returning from activation toss
  • Number of birds entered in and returning from each race
  • Number of birds to final race
  • Number of birds returning from final race
  • Total miles trained (tosses > 20 miles)
  • Number of races
  • Total race miles
  • Average miles per race


  • Number of birds entered in each race
  • Total birds entered in all OLRs
  • Percent of birds entered that made activation toss
  • Percent of birds entered that made final race
  • Average money won per bird entered
  • Number of money winning positions
  • Percent of winning positions to birds entered
  • Number of money winning birds in races
  • Percent of money winning birds to birds entered
  • Number of money winning birds average speed prices
  • Number of races where money was won
  • Total money won
  • Average money won per race entered

It should be noted that if a OLR has a challenging year with significant losses during settling, training or the first few races then that race will be flagged and not included in the overall averages for the breeders.  The goal of this effort is to provide transparency and recognition to those races and breeders who are deserving of recognition for their success in OLR.  This effort is being started with a desire to be a multi-year project – maybe indefinitely.

Within the next few weeks The Loft Report will publish the races and breeders that will be tracked with some basic information.

Your’s in the sport,

Joe Nemelka / Drew Lesofski




One Response to The Loft Report OLR Stats Tracker

  1. Tom Fremont on June 9, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Great idea guys !!! I love following my hometown teams here in Minnesota. If I can’t catch the game, first thing the next day I go stats hunting. Most all of us love stats !!
    I’ve often thoughts that the stats for our “Champions” should include then following in regular club and concourse race competition.(especially for those promoting and selling pigeons on their own records) 1. Number of birds the fancier shipped / 2. Number of birds in the race / 3. Number of lofts in the race / 4. YPM speed of winning pigeon and ypm of the next pigeon from a different loft / 5. approximate winds and weather conditions along the course / 6. The width and depth mileage of the lofts competing / 7. The approximate location of the bird that won the race in comparison to the other lofts in
    the competition. …I think then if you are thinking of purchasing a pigeon … you could then easily evaluate and identify the exact type you are looking for. Food for thought….

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