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March 22, 2018

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In 2017 The Loft Report presented to the pigeon sport for the first time a fairly comprehensive statistical analysis of the top one loft races (OLR) and participating breeders in the United States.  The vision for presenting the statistics was to create transparency into the races and breeders who deserve recognition for their success; not just those that send a lot of birds or entry dozens of OLRs that have few entries.  Under just about any measure the 2017 OLR Stats Project was a success as there was a lot of positive feedback culminating with the final statistical results being published on the most prestigious website in the world for the racing pigeon community PIPA –

2018 presents an opportunity to build on that success and recognition and to improve the information presented to the pigeon sport.  The Loft Report has consulted with several races and many breeders in how to improve the information and will be implementing those suggestions as the statistics are presented throughout the Fall culminating with the Final Report that is anticipated being published on PIPA again in early 2019.

Below is the criteria that will be used for the 2018 statistics.  The Loft Report will track ALL the races that meet the criteria.  For the breeders, they will track many well-known and successful fanciers as well as any fancier that meets the criteria and notifies them they would like to be tracked.  The Loft Report will start to publish the races and breeders who will be tracked starting in June or July and breeders must notify them by late August if they want to be tracked.  Once the races start no new breeders will be added to the list.

One Loft Races

  • Only races on Wincompanion
  • Race must have at least 300 birds when entry close
  • Only tracking 2018 banded birds in 2018 races (no Spring/OB races)
  • Races must conclude by 12/31/2018
  • Only races in the United States will be tracked


  • Must enter at least 3 separate qualifying races
  • Must enter at least 25 total birds
  • Will only track easily identifiable breeders/partnerships that meet the criteria
  • Will not aggregate a single breeder’s birds entered in multiple partnerships for a breeder to meet the criteria
  • Breeders who sell pigeons may not opted out of being tracked

As was discussed last year, the goal of the OLR Stats Project was to create multi-year project.  In 2018 there will also be cumulative statistics for 2017/2018 showing those races and breeders who have excelled in both years.  The more data that is made available in the coming years for races and breeders the more valuable and informative the data will become.

Good luck to everyone in 2018!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Drew Lesofski of The Loft Report at:

Joe Nemelka and Drew Lesofski



3 Responses to The Loft Report OLR Stats Tracker 2018

  1. Brandon Brashears on March 27, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    This is outstanding information. Please keep it coming! I would love to see more analytics on who sent the most birds and activated the most. Would also like to see analytics on color of birds placed. Would also be interesting to see if all Races over 100 miles included.

    • Apple Cup on April 21, 2018 at 8:19 pm

      Drew, quick question on the 25 bird limit required to be tracled.

      If a breeder sends say 25 birds to three different 300+ races and one gets lost during settling, the OLR manager deleting the lost bird from his inventory, is the breeder then disqualified from being tracked since there is only 24?

      Is the 25 required birds 25 birds sent, or 25 birds who are inventoried once acceptance dates are closed?

      I guess I could of asked just this one question which would of made me more clear. When do you count birds sent, immediately after acceptance dates close, or before the first race?

      Please clarify.

      We have sent 8 to the Blue Bucket, 8 to the Crooked River Challenge, and will be sending 9 to the Cuevas Classic. Please add us to your tracking.

      Rick Mee
      Apple Cup

      • dlesofski on April 24, 2018 at 12:12 pm

        Rick – These are great questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

        We count birds as they are inventoried even if the OLR manager deletes them during their regular series. We’ll gladly track you and good luck in the races and with the Apple Cup.


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