the Loft Report Debuts on PIPA

February 26, 2018

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The Loft Report recently caught the eye of Pigeon Paradise (PIPA) website regarding the One Loft Race (OLR) stats project that Joe Nemelka and yours truly compiled and published weekly here on tLR.

Both Joe and I had several communications with owners of PIPA, brothers Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht about the project and the need for reliable stats from OLRs in the United States.

They agreed that the growth of OLR is growing not only in the USA but they are also growing with leaps and bounds worldwide as well.

With that, please take a look at our article on PIPA………

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 Impressive growth of one loft racing in the United States leads to a need for available statistical information

On behalf of both Joe and I, we’d like to personal thank Nikolaas and Thomas for their professionalism and for believing in the OLR stats project. ~ Drew



One Response to the Loft Report Debuts on PIPA

  1. Francisco Iglesias on February 27, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Hi congratulations for your One Loft Race statistics project , i think is a great idea, would be great if you publish some of the information, on PIPA i only found breeders data no OLR data.

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