Texas Shootout 250 mile Race Winner – Jerry Stone

January 20, 2013


The Texas Shootout Race released their 250 mile race on January 19, 2013 at 8am from Claude, Texas into clear skies; 35 degrees and the wind from WSW 5-10 mph. 717 birds were shipped representing 192 lofts/teams with 668 being clocked in on the day.

Conditions upon return were scattered clouds, wind from the SSW 5-15 mph and 63 degrees.

Jerry Stone of Gold Star Loft trapped first of three birds on a drop to win the race with his blue check cock, AU-12-STON-0384 clocking 4 seconds in front of Mike Ganus who took 2nd and 3rd with two hens, AU-12-GFL-0415 a blue bar white flight and AU-12-GFL-0370 a blue bar. Jerry’s bird clocked at 12:37:28.17 for a winning speed of 1585.760 ypm.

Click image to see full report

In the Texas Shootout averages over two races, Jerry Stone is in 1st followed by Roger Sikora who is behind by 4:23.3 minutes and Doug Swingley with 4:40.7 minutes to win.

Click image to see full average speed report

To learn more about the Texas Shootout Race please click here to visit their site.

All artwork is done by DanMilnerDesigns.net


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