South Africa Million Dollar Race Stats Hot Spot #1 Results

December 29, 2017



It is without dispute that the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) captures the pigeon world’s attention unlike any other race every year.  With so many pigeons, so many countries and such a significant amount of prize money available it is by 1,000s of participants, most of which are not even in the race.  The SAMDPR is a type of Olympics where breeders greatest desire should they not win is that one of their countryman stands atop the podium!  The Loft Report has completed its first year of tracking One Loft Race results in the United States and they have now turned their attention to tracking the SAMDPR.

Thank you again to everyone for your words of encouragement, ideas to make this better and support!

Yours in the Sport,

Joe Nemelka and Drew Lesofski – 


% of Birds to the Hot Spots

The stats below takes the initial inventory provided by the SAMDPR and figures out the percentage of birds who made it to the Hot Spot #1.

The Loft Report is only tracking the breeders who sent more than 1 team, country results and some other well-known international names due to large number of entries from all over the world.

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SAMDPR Breeders 1 TLR SAMDPR Breeders 2 SAMDPR Breeders 3 SAMDPR Breeders 4


% that Finished in the Top 10%

Below are the breeders ranked by the % of birds they had finish in the Top 10% of the birds entered into Hot Spot #1.  *Disregard the rankings once the % in Top 10% gets to 0% as they are all equal 49th.

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T0- 10 1 TLR Top 10 2 Top 10 3 Top 10 4



2 Responses to South Africa Million Dollar Race Stats Hot Spot #1 Results

  1. dave corry on December 29, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    What happens to all of the birds after the race?

    • dlesofski on December 29, 2017 at 7:32 pm

      The organizers typically hold several live auctions in South Africa after the completion of the final Million Dollar Race.

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