SAMDPR Training Flight 10 – Official Results

December 21, 2012

On Wednesday December 19, 2012 the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) released its 10 official training flight from 78 km / 48.47 miles. 3,303 birds were released a 7:30am local time into clear skies, 66 degrees with a light head wind.

American fancier Dick Fassio’s pigeon Q33570 clocked 1st overall with the second American bred pigeon Q36089 owned by Barry Yu clocking in 15th overall and 6.06 minutes behind 1st.

Click image to view full American race report

Pedigree of Dick Fassio’s pigeon Q33570

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There is one more training flight from 125 km / 77.67 miles on December 22 before the 300 km / 186.41 mile Hot Spot Car Race #4 is scheduled to be released on December 29th. After the #4 Hot Spot Car Race there are three more training flights scheduled with the #5 Hot Spot Car Race to be flown on January 12, 2012 from 350 km / 217.48 miles. After that race, there are again three more training races culminating with the SAMDPR race on February 2, 2013.

Click image to view full race report

In 2012 there are 443 American Teams and 242 American Syndicates entered in the race.

The Loft Report will be making regular updates about the SAMDPR on a regular basis so check back often.


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