August 7, 2017


Fallout from the American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) 2016 National Convention continues.  Over the weekend, Ronald Whitmore a member of the AU Accountability Facebook Group, is asking AU members to recall AU President Tom Coletti, Executive Vice-President Jay Holder (currently running for AU President), and Vice-President Ron Pairan for gross negligence and malfeasance for not adhering to organizational By-Laws leading up to and through the conclusion of the 2016 AU National Convention.

AU By-Laws do provide a process to recall a director, although in the 107 years of the organization it has never been tried.  See below or click here to read the governing By-Laws.  The petition, also found below, asks all members of the AU to read, disseminate, and sign the petition at their next earliest meeting.

None of the officers facing recall responded to requests for comment.  The Loft Report will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.

7.03 Recall. Any officer or Director may be recalled and removed from office by action of the members of the Union. In the event a petition requesting an election for the purpose of recalling an officer, signed by at least fifteen percent (15%) of Union members, or in the event a petition requesting an election for the purpose of recalling a Director, signed by at least fifteen percent (15%) of the members who reside in the Director’s zone, is presented to the Executive Director, and certified to contain the requisite number of signatures of members, the Executive Director shall notify each member of the Board of Directors of the necessity for conducting a recall election, and the Board of Directors shall schedule such an election and notify the membership of that election. The election shall be held not later than ninety (90) days after certification of the petition, and all provisions relating to elections shall be applicable. The sole issue on the ballot regarding the subject of recall of an officer or Director shall be “Whether (the identified Officer or Director) should be removed from his office with the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.”

7.04 Eligibility for Re-election. Any Officer or Director who has been removed because of incapacity may subsequently seek reelection to office in the Union; provided, that there shall be provided to the Executive Director an affidavit stating that the reason(s) for that earlier inability to act as an Officer or Director no longer exist and the Executive Director shall determine if that candidate is fully competent and capable of serving. An Officer or Director who has been removed for cause by action of the Board of Directors may be a candidate for election to a Union office only if the petition filed, as required by Section 5.02 of these Bylaws, contains not less than 500 signatures. An Officer or Director removed from office as a result of a recall election of the membership shall never again be eligible to serve in any office or official position of the Union.



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  1. Ron Whitmer on August 8, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    Thanks for getting this up for everyone.

  2. Ron Whitmer on August 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say keep up the good work as we move towards getting the required number of signatures to force a recall vote. As I have said before on another forum it would be in the best interest of the AU as a whole for the AU president, ex vice president and vice president to step down now rather than face a total recall. It would be a great step towards bringing everyone together in the lite of the 2016 AU convention race scandal. The other step is to hold the convention committee and race committee accountable for their actions by suspending them until such time as every handler, breeder, speakers and other venues are completely paid off in full. Barring both of these actions taking place I believe our best course of action is to remove the top echelon of the AU and replace them with members who will hold them accountable. So keep up the good work

  3. Ron Whitmer on August 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Another cog in the 2016 fiasco bites the dust, the Co chairman of the 2016 AU convention and race was removed as race secretary for our combine. He was not completely thrown out but he was removed from a position of power. Although his club did put him in bad standing and he is suspended for 10 years. The La Puente club and East Course Combine threw out the Chairman of the 2016 AU Convention and his entire family along with the co chairman until such time as there has been a full accounting and everyone is paid in full. It is too bad that the Lapuente club, ECC and SBV had to act on their own as the AU upper echelon sit on their hands.

    During this same meeting one of the members said sending out emails denouncing someones actions is cowardice. sorry but it is the modern day medium that allows the truth to be known as things happen.

    Cowardice is hiding your head in the sand and hoping the wind will change directions and take whatever makes you afraid away with it. Cowardice is refusing to act and hold those who have irreparably harmed our sport accountable for there actions and instead blaming the whistle blowers for the outcome instead of those who are truly responsible.

  4. Ron Whitmer on August 25, 2017 at 10:48 pm


    Things are getting desperate at the AU home office!

    As of last Saturday 8-19-17, all members of the AU 2016 Convention Committee were thrown out of the East Course Combine! This was followed by Mike Byrd (the Co-chair) of the Convention Committee being removed as the race secretary of the 395 Combine. He had already been banned by his home club. These organizations took these actions on their own as the AU home office led by Tom Coletti to this day refuses to take any affirmative action against these individuals.

    But we have to remember:

    1) Kamal Hindi was appointed to be the Pacific zone director by Tom Coletti, no vote by the membership was ever taken to vote him in. Further the AU home office received hundreds of phone calls from members of the Pacific Zone complaining over the appointment of someone who has never been an active fliers or involved in the sport (other than putting birds in one loft races) prior to this time.

    2) Hindi was a sitting zone director when he and Mike Byrd were given the 2016 AU race by Tom Coletti with the other Zone directors giving a thumbs up. This included the EX vice president Jay Holder and the Vice President Ron Pairan.

    3) The AU to include Tom Coletti and all other members received hundreds of phone calls and letters warning of the problems with the 2016 AU convention and race at least 7 months prior to Hindi and Byrd being formally named as the Chair and Co Chair.

    4) My brother Steve Whitmer caught the YIIK race secretary red handed manipulating EBSS data within win speed. He went to the then 395 president and the Pacific zone director asking for help only to be belittled and shamed both in person and by letter. The YIIK race secretary filed a formal complaint with the AU and my brother in January 2017 was placed on probation.

    5) In the mean time because my brother and I continued to ask who the backing organization was for the 2016 convention and race were thrown out by Kamal Hindi as handlers. Effectively removing my brother from the race secretary position for the race. A position he had been voted into by unanimous vote of all handlers.

    6) Kamal Hindi and Mike Byrd then replaced Steve Whitmer with the aforementioned discredited race secretary from YIIK. This race secretary went on to win 5 of the top 10 positions in the south section, to include the 1st and 2nd race positions. A feat she had never been able to complete prior to this time or since.

    7) In June of 2017 the AU home office officially recognized that the YIIK race secretary had in fact manipulated EBSS data prior to the 2016 Convention race. An act that is the modern day version of opening a wooden clock changing the times and then closing the clock back up. An act that we all know carries a life time ban; she got a slap on the wrist and was advised not to let it happen again.

    8) Now we are back to current times, as said on 8-19-17 Mike Byrd the co chair for the 2016 AU convention and race was removed as the race secretary for the 395 combine. All members of the convention committee had already been banned by the East course combine. An act that nether my brother or I were involved in as our club currently is inactive in both combines and therefore has no vote in the matter. Steve was asked to take over the race secretary position (he has held it before) but declined due to previous commitments.

    9) Then in apparent retribution for Mike Byrds removal as race secretary: Ron Pairan sent notification by certified mail on 8-21-17 that my brothers membership in the AU was terminated. In violation of AU policy as an investigator was assigned to review any new allegations, no hearing notification or hearing was held. Ron Pairan made a unilateral decision as the AU Vice president and head of the infractions committee. He unilaterally sent notification to the board and to my brother that his membership in the AU was termination in violation of AU policy. Steve and his entire household has effectively been banned from the AU. An act that I suspect will cost the AU as a whole, no small amount of money to settle.

    To date no affirmative action of any kind has been taken against any member of the 2016 AU convention committee or race committee for refusal to pay out all of the prize monies to handlers and breeders and of course the promised monies for the birds auctions from European breeders and speakers. The estimated loss of over $200,000 dollars, resulting in untold loss of prestige to the American racing pigeon union. Further no one has been disciplined for not turning over all records for review to include the race results back files and knock off sheets.

    Instead we take the word of known liars and thieves and attack the race secretary chosen by the handlers (comments at the time was that Steve was the only honest race secretary available) and the AU vice president unilaterally throws Steve Whitmer out of the AU based on new lies that they refuse to even articulate.

    I again call on the membership to do the right thing by signing the petition for removal of the AU President, Executive Vice President and Vice President. So those positions can be filled by men of Honor and Integrity.

    Yours in the Sport
    Ron Whitmer

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