PRESS RELEASE – ADL & Ulrich Lemmens Exclusive Offer

October 5, 2017

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PRESS RELEASE – ADL and Ulrich Lemmens Exclusive Offer

For Immediate Release

Sterling, Illinois, October 5, 2017 – America’s Dream Loft (ADL), known for the past three decades as one America’s premier breeding studs of quality pigeons, is pleased to announce that ADL has obtained the exclusive rights to sell Ulrich Lemmens; 2014 1st National Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB Old Birds, in North America for the next three years.

Ulrich Lemmens on signing the exclusive deal with ADL - “It all has gone fast for me in the US; my reputation has grown so fast that it has been hard to keep up. With Jim Gabler already owning most of my best breeders it felt right to make this deal. ADL has a better foundation of birds than I own myself. It makes sense, Jim owns my national winner Jozefien, my KBDB winning team and so much more. On top of that we recently agreed on the transfer of “Olympic Gust”, “Derek Jeter”, “Gust’s Secret” and the only daughter of “William” ever sold and a few other unique birds of my loft. I admire Jim’s addiction on always trying to improve. I can feel we are on the right track, his recent selection of birds, the new breeding lofts (with individual boxes) all ingredients are there to write some history.”

Jim Gabler – “When I first met Ulrich Lemmens, I knew he was special and I was impressed with his ambition, passion, and talent for breeding and racing world class pigeons.  After meeting him and knowing there were just a few of his birds in the USA already making a big impact, it became clear that I had to bring the Lemmens pigeons to America Dream Lofts.  I’m proud to have been able to do something never done before in America and this exclusive deal with Lemmens is the best group of birds I have ever acquired.”

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