Pigeon Depot – Passing of Shane Aherns

May 31, 2017

Pigeon Depot LogoHello all,

By now many pigeon fanciers have heard one way or another that my best friend and co-owner of Pigeon Depot has passed away this past weekend. This has been very hard on his family and friends as Shane touched the lives of many people not just only in our sport.

As of right now, Pigeon Depot is planning on business as usual as much as possible. Shane would not want what we have worked so hard to build to fall now. Birds will soon begin mailing out again and payments sent out. We are currently 75% caught up. At this time if you owe payments to Pigeon Depot, I urge you to send them in. Please use the new address on the “Contact Us” page. The sooner we get old debts paid up the sooner we can be running at 100% capacity and get buyers their birds and sellers their payments. Until we are caught up we cannot house more birds to be sold outside of what we currently have.

For those that have not seen on Facebook. I linked Shane’s obituary below.

Thank you for your continuing support through these tough times.

Dan Feltenstein PigeonDepot.com

Shane’s Obituary

One Response to Pigeon Depot – Passing of Shane Aherns

  1. Gary Whitebread on June 5, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    I had a great conversation with Shane at our Snowfest auction last November. I thought how great it is to have young people so in love with racing pigeons. I wish I had a remedy for the pain his family is going thru. Gary Whitebread

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