Passing of Sylvère Toye

September 28, 2017

Toye round

Sylvère Toye , arguable one of the biggest names in the pigeon world passed away September 26, 2017. He was 81 years young.

The 1980s were truly the era dominated by Sylvère Toye who would go on to win 1st National Ace Pigeon Fund, 1st International Pau, 1st National Limoges, 2nd National Champion Fund, 2nd and 5th National Ace Pigeon Fund, 3rd National Champion Fund, 3rd National Narbonne, and 3rd National La Souterraine.

Toye’s famous pigeon “Peter Pau” winner of 1st National and 1st International from Pau from 550 miles in 1984. His full brother won 8th International in the same race. Both of these cocks were sons of “De Kleinen“, the super breeder that was to make the Toye strain world famous. “Jonge Dikkop” , grandson to “De Kleinen” also won 1st National Limoges against 10,999 birds in 1983 and two other grandchildren, “Jonge Tarzan” and “Dikkop 205” won 2nd and 5th National Ace pigeons long-distance KBDB in 1982.

The entire Loft Report team wishes Sylvère Toye’s family and friends all the best in these difficult times.




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