One Loft Race Stats – WEEK 7

December 5, 2017

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We are getting very near the end of Year 1 for the One Loft Race Stats results and there should only be minor changes in the results until they are finalized.  There are two races who are not done (Flamingo and Route 66) and those should be completed over the coming weeks.  We have really enjoyed doing the stats results and are already looking forward to 2018.  Over the coming months we will be doing several things:

  1. Reaching out to those breeders who did well and write a couple articles on The Loft Report about their birds and methods;
  2. Publishing the results in some international magazines and on international websites that we have been talking to; and
  3. We would like to have some conference calls with OLR and breeders to get feedback on what we can do to improve in 2018.

As we said when we started this we really want to have fun and provide some transparency to the sport.  We also have realized that with us tracking races that had 13,826 initial entries and will payout over $2,500,000 in prize money the international community has taken notice.  We really believe the OLR Stats results will give the world insight into this aspect of American Pigeon Racing.  Of note, we have decided to drop the Average Speed Stats for 2017 due to some inconsistencies in number of awards between the different OLR.  Average Speed prize money, however, is still included in the results.

We have collated the information into key categories and all corresponding charts can be found below. Having a hard time reading the graphs? Simply click on the image to enlarge it.

  • OLR Initial Inventory & First Race Stats
  • The # of Birds Entered, # of Birds sent to Final Race, % of Initial Entry sent to Final Race
  • OLR Miscellaneous Stats
  • Initial Entries, # of Birds in First Race & Percentages 
  • Total $ Won – $ Won Per Entered Bird 
  • Top 10% Positions Won & Percentages 
  • Number of Money Winning Positions  
  • The Money Winners on the Final Race

Thank you again to everyone for your words of encouragement, ideas to make this better and support!

Yours in the Sport,

Joe Nemelka and Drew Lesofski

P.S.  For those wondering why we aren’t tracking Spring OLR…hold tight.  You will soon find out what we have planned for the Spring.  Let’s just say it has something to do with a Million Dollar Race!

 Click graph to enlarge 

OLR Initial Inventory & First Race Stats

OLR Initial Inventory & First Race Stats


NOTE:  We sure hope breeders use this chart to consider the races they will enter in 2018, but please recognize that every race may have a bad year.


The # of Birds Entered, # of Birds sent to Final Race, % of Initial Entry sent to Final Race

Number of Birds entered

NOTE:  This stat is sorted by the OLR that were able to get birds to the final race.  To us, that is a key to having a successful OLR in that everyone wants an opportunity to fly for the big money and opportunity in the last race.

OLR Miscellaneous Stats

OLR Miscellaneous Stats

NOTE:  In evaluating a OLR, there should also be some consideration given to what percentage make it home from the final race as that tells a breeder how well prepared the birds were for the final race as well as the considerations given to the birds to be successful in the final race (i.e. water on trailer, weather, etc.).  Obviously, no matter how well prepared certain races can turn difficult with high losses so do not judge too harshly the results of a single race, but it is certainly something to consider in evaluating a OLR.  Something to consider on this chart is the YPM of the average speed winning pigeon as that will tell you a lot about the difficulty of the race course the birds have to fly, which obviously translates to losses.  Losses and average speed should both be considered in evaluating the race.

Initial Entries, # of Birds in First Race & Percentages 

Initial Entries, # of Birds in First Race & Percentages Initial Entries, # of Birds in First Race & Percentages 2

NOTE:  There can be a lot of variables in getting birds to the first race for a OLR breeder.  Choice of races is a key one as breeder who picks a race that loses a lot of birds prior to the 1st race can really drop a breeder’s percentages.  So keep that in mind as you evaluate these numbers.  Having said that, a breeder who does get a high percentage of birds to the 1st race may tell you they have a program and quality of pigeon that increases their percentages.

Total $ Won – $ Won Per Entered Bird 

Total $ Won - $ Won Per Entered Bird Total $ Won - $ Won Per Entered Bird 2

NOTE:  First of all, we have NOT included the SD Triple Crown in these results as we do not have the money won numbers for this race.  Due to the amount of money to be won in that race, it will likely materially alter these results.  Hopefully the information will be available to us when we do the next update.  Second, please remember the numbers above only include prize money related to required entry fees.  Finally, our estimates tell us that between perch fees and entry fees a breeder will typically need to average around $300/bird to break even in OLR.  This will give you an idea of how many breeders may actually be making money in their OLR participation.  The $300/bird number can vary quite a bit depending upon the cost of the races entered and birds lost prior to entry fees being paid, but something to consider.  This is why we believe most breeders don’t enter OLR to make money, but treat it as a hobby for enjoyment purposes.  We do acknowledge that there are a few OLR breeders who enter the races to create results to advertise and sell birds so the profitability of the OLR is secondary to their desire to sell birds.  We have no issue with the hobbyist, those who seek to make money or those who enter to increase awareness of their birds to sell them, but believe it is important to acknowledge the difference in motivations for participation in OLR.

Top 10% Positions Won & Percentages 

Top 10 percentage 1 Top 10 percentage 2

NOTE:  As we have stated several times, for breeders and those considering who has the best breeding program this is the most telling chart.  As noted elsewhere, there are variations based upon races entered and losses in those races, but these stats should really help to determine the best OLR breeding loft in the United States.  This chart tells us who was consistently putting birds at the top of the races they entered.

Number of Money Winning Positions  

Number of Money Winning Positions Number of Money Winning Positions 2

NOTE:  This is a fun chart to tell us what breeders come through when money is on the line.  The breeders who do well here aren’t “practice players” – they shine during game time!

The Money Winners on the Final Race

The Money Winners on the Final Race The Money Winners on Final Race 2

NOTE:  The previous stats about money winners told us who were “gamers.”  This chart tells us who are those breeders that have birds that can get it done at the end when the game is on the line.  These breeders birds shine on the biggest stage and under the brightest lights!



8 Responses to One Loft Race Stats – WEEK 7

  1. Jeff Murray on December 6, 2017 at 6:24 am

    I believe the first graph is very telling It will be very helpful deciding which OLR I will enter in the future especially when you see a pattern forming of OLR loosing over 50% of the birds even before the first race is flown.
    This is a very useful service/tool you are providing
    Thank You

  2. Kelly Fly on December 6, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Could you further break these down by grouping the three race series, the four race series, the five race series and the only seven race series, to give us a more accurate statistics. Birds that are exposed to the elements and predation, through more training and in some cases, twice as many races, should have different statistics, for the mere fact of being raced and trained twice as much as some of these races. I applaud your efforts and bringing these statistics to the public forum. Thank you very much.

    • Joseph Nemelka on December 11, 2017 at 10:11 am

      Hi Kelly,

      Hope you are withstanding the recent cold spell! Those are some great ideas. We will try to work some in next year.

      Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!


  3. Ken Easley on December 9, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    These results are not correct. I won on the final 350 Hoosier also the triple crown and de t out few birds. I should be in 2nd place on dollars per bird entered behind only Mike Ganus. Very disappointed.

    Ken Easley

    • dlesofski on December 11, 2017 at 9:40 am

      Ken –

      Please refer to our post on June 20, 2017 ( where we clearly established what the requirements were for breeders and One Loft Races (OLR) to be tracked.

      They are:


      • Must have at least 300 birds
      • Must be on Wincompanion
      • Final race must be flown by December 31st


      • Must fly at least 3 separate races that are being tracked
      • Must have at least 25 birds entered in races that are being tracked

      You did not meet the minimum requirement of sending 25 birds to three separate races that had at least 300 birds with their final race flown by December 31, 2017. That is why you were not tracked and, simple email/phone call to either Joe, who you know, or I would have addressed your concerns appropriately.

      Good luck next year in the OLRs!

      Drew Lesofski

  4. Travis Hanzelka on December 11, 2017 at 9:40 am

    I would like to see a report that shows who trains the most. Before and after the races start.

    • Joseph Nemelka on December 11, 2017 at 10:13 am

      Thanks for idea Travis. Definitely Something to consider for next year.


  5. Ken Easley on December 11, 2017 at 10:18 am

    I won a little more at the Iron Eagle this weekend at 7th place adding another $1,000. That puts me at $1172 per bird won.
    I met all criteria except amount of birds sent yet I won more than every flyer except one. I would call this a significant reason to make modifications.
    Thanks for your efforts to do something good for the sport.

    Best Regards,


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