Northwest Junior Flyers – Thank You

July 1, 2017

Members of the Northwest Junior Flyers Club

Thank You all for your very generous donations to our 2017 Auction. Your support means so much to the kids who are the future of our club!

Thanks to you, our 2017 auction was a huge success as a result of your gifts. 

Please accept our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your generosity in support of the Northwest Junior Flyers Racing Pigeon club for the happiness you brought to so many kids (and adults)!

Looking forward to your continued support of our kids in 2018! 


President of the Northwest Junior Flyers Club delivering his speech prior to the start of the 2017 auction.

Editor’s Note: the Loft Report has been a longtime supporter of the good work Tim Tessier had done in ensuring the 30+ kids in the Northwest Junior Flyers Club have birds, lofts, medicine, and all the help they need to become members of the sport and good citizens.  Thank you Tim for your dedication to these kids. ~ Drew Lesofski


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