National Pigeon Association Update

December 20, 2017


As some of you are aware and many others who have no idea what I am talking about, I am the Chairman of the National Pigeon Association-Legacy Fund Trust. As chairman, my major responsibility is to raise funds for the Legacy Fund Trust (NPA-LFT). The only purpose of the LFT is to help the hobby of pigeon keeping. I have had pigeons for 67 years and will do everything in my power to help what I think is a great hobby. The LFT is an arm of the National Pigeon Association, and the LFT’s only goal is to promote the future of the hobby. We accept contributions and those contributions are invested and the earned income is made available to fund needed pigeon related projects, approved by the LFT Trustees.

The main reason for this e-mail is of course to ask you to help. At the beginning of 2017, the LFT set a goal of $50,000.00. As of this moment we are at $48,497.00! We are only $1402.88 away from our goal. Now if you are good at arithmetic, you will say to yourself, the amount should be $1502.88, not $1402.88. While I was working on this e-mail, my phone rang. The call was from my insurance agent and being in the middle of this e-mail, I asked him to help. He was kind enough to agree to a $100.00 contribution. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Won’t you please help, and keep in mind that any amount is much appreciated but if you were to contribute $100.00 or more, you would be listed as a contributor in two issues of the NPA Quarterly as well as being listed on the National Pigeon Association website, the listing is forever and a certificate of appreciation will be sent to you. If you are a club member, give some thought to honoring a past or present member It is the holiday season and I know everyone is busy, and the mail may be a bit slow. Please step up and help, get the check in the mail this week and help the Legacy Fund Trust reach its goal and be able to help the hobby when help is needed.

Checks are made out to NPA-LFT

Mail to:

Jerry Gagne
3170 Bennett’s Run Rd.
Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010

Questions?    Jerry Gagne    724.359.5355     If I am not home, I have caller I.D. and will return your call.

Warm regards,

Jerry Gagne


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