“Little Miss Nikki” – 1st 2017 SAMDPR – Pedigree

May 27, 2017

Tom Schilling, breeder and owner of the 2017 1st Overall South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR), has agreed to publish the pedigree for his international sensation “Little Miss Nikki.”

To read more about Mr. Schilling’s win and “Little Miss Nikki,’ please read Frank McLaughlin’s article: Tom Schilling wins the 2017 Million Dollar Race.


Tom Pigeons

‘Little Miss Nikki’ – 1st 2017 SAMDPR, bred and owned by Tom Schilling, USA.



16-ARPU-83192PED Final

A big thanks goes out to Steve Mardis of the Continental Breeding Station (CBS) who helped recreate “Little Miss Nikki’s
pedigree. CBS did not breed Mr. Schilling’s winning pigeon rather CBS sold the parents to to Mr. Schilling.

Congratulations again to Tom Schilling and of course “Little Miss Nikki” on her world class win!




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