Legends of the Sport Come Together to Lend a Hand

January 23, 2018


It has been over one year and I ashamed that it has taken this long to publicly acknowledge these leaders of our sport.  In October 2016 our community of Lumberton, NC was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.  Torrential rains inundated our area for over thirty-six hours and left many homeless.  It did not discriminate, Old, young, all races, all socio-economic backgrounds could be seen standing in line awaiting water from the government, charities, or relief organizations.  The citizens of our city were without power for one week and water for nearly two.

I have taught school in this community for sixteen years and many of the students who left school early on Friday had no idea they would be homeless on Sunday.  It was a time when our entire community had to pull together and help one another.  Our churches, our leaders, and our citizens young and hold unified and did what they could do to help in recovery efforts.

I was saddened when I heard several of our seniors who were hoping to attend colleges may would now have to choose between pursuing their education or staying home because family finances would not permit it.    It was then I decided to ask my fellow fanciers for help and set out to host an online auction to award a scholarship to one of those displaced by the storm.  Mike Ganus, Ado Zohorovic, Kenny Rhodes, Tony Melucci, Rick Nanez, Yoannys Sainz and Geert Kolvenbag generously donated birds and we were able to award one of our students a $2500 scholarship to East Carolina University.

These men stepped up and helped out as they often do in many circumstances throughout our sport.  This is what makes this sport so great.  It seems like when help is needed there are always those willing to help out.  I would also like to thank all of those who bid and purchased in the auction.  They will surely make a difference in Maya’s life.

David Watkins


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