UPDATE: Ipigeon 2016 AU Convention Auction Distributions

April 2, 2017

the Loft Report emailed  Fred Smeltzer and Fred Iantorno, owners of Ipigeon.com; the online auction site used by the 2016 AU Convention host committee, seeking clarification about monies owed in their possession from the two AU auctions.  the Loft Report received the below email from Mr. Iantorno:

Since receiving the email and letter from the AU’s attorney (time/dated 6:28 PM EDT on March 27, 2017), IPigeon has [been] working to properly disburse the proceeds of the AU auctions held. IPigeon expects to have a resolution shortly.


Fred Iantorno


One Response to UPDATE: Ipigeon 2016 AU Convention Auction Distributions

  1. Tom Fremont on April 2, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    I-Pigeon was put in a tough spot. Fred Smeltzer and Fred Iantorno are both men with the highest integrity… I have dealt with them through the years, and have always received the very best of professional and courteous service. This I know they always have and always will do what is right for all involved. Again the AU needs to take a hard look at these Conventions. Once you loose the trust and confidence of the membership .. you are in trouble… The AU has to insure the membership that this will NEVER happen again…(
    for Starters) I noticed in the Recent response from the AU they addressed this as the “2016 Convention”… Again this was not the “2016 Convention” … this was not the “California Convention” … This was the “2016 AU Convention” They need to own this… The membership demands nothing less !!

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