Introduction to the Rare Colors Racing Pigeons Alliance

November 3, 2017

Color 2

By Robert Burton

From show to race we are organizing an endeavor entitled The Rare Colors Racing Pigeon Alliance to promote and develop Rare Colors Racing Pigeon thru exhibition/show and racing/flying competition.

Rare colors in racing pigeons has come a long way since I was involved in pigeons back in the ’80’s & ’90’s. Back then they were pretty much regarded as just pretty birds that didn’t have much if any homing ability as they had been so outcrossed with the other breeds to obtain those rare colors. Now, all these generations and years later, perhaps they do have some homing ability; after all, they are homers and with homer guys it’s usually a matter of performance to be a good racer.

If I remember correctly, back then there used to be a Rare Colors Homing Pigeon Club, but like so many other clubs since then it has come and gone. It is not my intention to neglect to mention or omit anyone as work with Rare Colors Racing Pigeons has been going on for a long time. A couple of guys I remember from back then were Rick Orr and Charles Khater. Tom Barnhart and Ron Huntley are a couple of other names that come to mind. Rick was tragically killed in a train wreck accident and after all these years by sheer coincidence, Charles popped up on my Facebook page as “someone you may know”.

This is not an attempt to revive that particular club. There may very well be some other Rare Colors Racing Pigeon clubs and organization out there and I hope to find out as I am contracting folks be they exhibitors’ breeders, or flyers, or just simply have Rare Colors Racing Pigeons for their own enjoyment. I’m trying to get people’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions on having some Rare Colors Racing Pigeons shows and races before I get too deep into this, to see if there’s enough interest to organize some shows and races for rare Colors Racing Pigeons. There is already an invitational futurity for 2018 in the works and we have even had a volunteer for a judge at an AU sanctioned show.

Color 1


There’s lots of work to be done first. Determining color classes everyone can agree on is a major priority. I remember the age-old argument “Is it a silver or is it a mealy?” and with all the commonly recognized colors today I can only imagine some of the conversations that lay ahead!

But I’m sure there are colors established that are common enough so that some different color classes can be obtained. And that would be a great start. In this day and age being able to ship birds overnight via USPO affords an opportunity for us to acquire/exchange breeding stock much more readily had been in the past.

There are so many new folks that I don’t know, so if you or you know of someone who raises, breeds, exhibits, races, or just enjoys having Rare Colored Racing Pigeons (or would like to do any of these activities) please email me with your ideas, suggestions, comments, anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Please pass this information along at your next club meeting or shipping night or anything going on where all of your pigeon friends are hangin out at. And/or send me their email or mailing address info/phone number and I can contact them.

I’m no genetic expert or computer whiz but I would like to see a web page for The Rare Colors Racing Pigeon Alliance and there is a Facebook page.

At this point The Rare Colors Racing Pigeon Alliance is an idea taking shape. I would like to see what becomes of this project. It may very well grow and expand to the point that perhaps we will need to look at establishing some officers, guidelines, and/or governing board of directors for the shows and races. Most organization operate under Robert’s Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure and I would propose something along those lines in this case.

Something else to consider would be adopting what I call “Barnhart’s Classes for Colors.” With Tom’s permission, of course. What better place to start….With all of the communications today thru the internet and email and social media I believe we can all work together and make The Rare Colors Racing Pigeon Alliance a reality.





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  1. Curtis Reed on February 7, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    I’m looking for a pair of almond can you help?
    Thank you

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