April 28, 2017

By Greg McKnight
Anaheim California USA

Today I was viewing some of my old information from the past and came across this interesting article from 36 years ago and written by the legendary Otto Meyer.

This art must be studied carefully or many mistakes can be made unknowingly. Any good pigeon judge should be able to cull with confidence. It would be to your best interests to learn how to judge. Start with a point system so you can learn the important items and their values. Make two copies of the following “Point System” one for future record and one to carry with you and study while looking over the birds.

Item:                  Points:

Head                  10
Beak                   5
Eyes                   10
Cere                   2
Wattle                5
Back & Body    15
Wings                10
Tail                    5
Legs                   5
Station               10
Color                  5
Condition           10

Total                   100 Pts

Add more columns in the spaces above, one for each bird being judged. Write the bird’s identification at the top of the column.  Points for defects are subtracted from the original number allotted of reach bird’s column. The bird with the highest number of total points is the first winner. The next to the highest is the 2nd winner. Etc.

Each item with 10 or more points may be cut ½ to 3 points for defects. Each 5 point item may be cut ½ to 2 points for defects. The above system has been used for almost 90 years by many or our leading fanciers during that time. This is one of the easiest systems to use while learning to judge. Fanciers who have been in this hobby for only 2 or 3 years will definitely need assistance, advice and guidance from more experienced persons.

There are a few items which are not easily learned from written material, therefore it would be nice to get someone who can show and explain each item to you through the use of a pigeon in hand. There is one more point that should be remembered.


The famous “SIGNATURE” Imported Staf Van Reet from Dynasty Lofts.


6 X 1st

5 X 2nd

7 X 3rd

5 X 4th


Not all of the good racers have beautiful round heads” Some of the best of them are slightly flat on top.  Hahaha

My hope is this information will be a start point for many of you fanciers as a guide to help with this problem in most of our lofts of overcrowding.

Good luck and thank you for all your kind comments on my posted articles.


Greg McKnight




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