Blue Bucket Stampede 200mile Race – 27 on 1st Drop!

August 30, 2013
Click image to visit site

Click image to visit site

The Blue Bucket Stampede 200mile Race was released at 7:00am into clear and calm conditions at 58 degrees with 258 birds competing.

Conditions upon return where partly cloudy skies with a 6 mph West wind and 83 degrees with 27 birds on the first drop according to the website! The first bird through trap was AU-13-FILA-0800 a blue check hen who clocked at 11:25:55 for a speed of 1,372.350 ypm. As soon as 0800 trapped the other 26 birds piled in like clockwork.

FILA Loft is owned by Filip Andreica, a fancier who resides outside of Portland, Oregon and is the president—of the  Oregon Trail Combine.

Bucket 1

Click image to view full race report.

Congratulations to all the breeders!


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