Bieche Lofts. Winning 7x 1st over all Bay City Combine!!!

July 13, 2012

Alex Bieche with the trophy for the Rogerson 500m race winner

The racing pigeon sport has changed drastically in the last 30 years.  In our very competitive California Bay City Combine, flyers not using any one of the three Y/B system normally are not in the hunt any longer in winning first prizes. Some old bird flyers not wanting to adapt to the new ways have even selected not to fly Y/B’s any longer because some claim that by using a Y/B systems well not allow them good results in O/B’s the following year. Once and for all let me put this old wives tail to rest. In the past we have used the light and the dark system. For the last 9 years we have flown our Y/B’s using our own Bieche Y/B system with even better results. And yes our O/’B have performed very well the following year. All our birds starting with the number 11 were born in 2011  Our 2012 O/B results  show that  9 of our first clock birds were yearlings. So you can see using our Y/B system did no harm the birds at all. Possibly even giving the yearlings an advantage..

2012 O/B’s Bieche Lofts results in the California Bay City Combine. Flying double widowhood From 170 Miles up to 600 Miles

Our Maine Race  ( A )  Shipping limit. No more than 26 birds per flyer per race.

Race No.1   Fernly Nv.  170 Miles   Club level   290 Birds    2nd –  5th –  6th – 8th   Combine Level  2010 Birds  105 Lofts   All Club members on 4th page.
Our First Birds  11/ Bie 11034   Schellens / Janssen

Race No.2   Lovelock Nv. 230  Miles 1943 Birds  106 Lofts . 1st – 5th – 9th – 13th
Our First Bird   11/ Bie 11015   Janssen / Janssen

Race No.3   Imlay Nv. 262  Miles  1757 Birds  99 Lofts   1st – 2nd –  5th
Our First Bird   11/ Bie 11030   Bieche / Verbruggen

Race No.4  Winnamucca  Nv.  285 miles  1633 Birds    22nd – 23th   At the Club Level   428 Birds   5th – 6th
Our First Bird   11/Bie 11122    Bieche / Bieche

Race  No.5  Wendover  456 Miles   881 Birds  72 Lofts   1st – 12th – 18th
Our First Bird  11/ Biee 10024     Bieche / Bieche

Race No. 6  Carlin Nv.  351 Miles  1227 Birds   86 Lofts  1st – 4th  – 5th  – 7 th – 12 th – 13th – 14 th – 17th –  18th
Our First Bird 11/ Bie 11053   Bieche / Klaas

Race No. 7   Rogerson Nv. 462 Miles   668 Birds  67 Lofts   1st – 2nd – 7th  – 10th – 16th
Our First Bird   11 / Bie 11490   Schellens / Schellens

Race  No. 8  Lovelock  230 Miles  1026 Birds  76 Lofts    4th –  11th – 12 th – 17th
Our First Bird  10 / Bie 10384     Klaas / Schellens

Race No. 9 Elko Nv.  372  Miles This was our Bad Race Got several birds back the same day. Not happy with this race.

Race No.10 Council Id.  521 Miles  416 Birds  47 Lofts   Only 2 Day Birds in the Combine. We received our Bird next morning and took  25th Place
Our First Bird   11 / Bie 11142  Bieche / Janssen

Also flying a few birds in a few ( B ) races and recorded  2  Winners .
Birds liberated 30 minutes after the first race.

Lovelock Nv. 230 Miles   921 Birds  71 Lofts  We sent 15 Birds    1st – 2nd – 3rd – 10th
Our First Bird 11/ Bie 11009   Schellens / Schellens

Imlay Nv. 262 Miles  695 Birds  57 Lofts.   We sent  12 Birds   1st – 2nd – 9th
Our First Bird  Again same Hen  11/Bie 11009   Schellens / Schellens    Gr. Daughter ” Warlord ”

Any Questions you can contact us at  e-mail or see our web site

Yours in the Sport Alex and Cindy Bieche

The Loft Report

3 Responses to Bieche Lofts. Winning 7x 1st over all Bay City Combine!!!

  1. Douglas Campeau on July 13, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Congratulations on such a successful year flying old birds. I’m a brand new flyer from Canada that needs some well bred birds to compete with in 2013. I’ve been raising and training Labrador Retriever dogs for the last 40 plus years for hunting and for pets. I’ve produced over 1000 pups in that time, and to me bloodlines are everything whether your breeding dogs, horses or pigeons. I’m retired now and love flying pigeons, but admit I have alot to learn. If you know who has excellent stock that they will part with, please contact me at your convenience. Happy flying—Doug—-
    WingWard Loft

    • Rich Ross on July 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

      *When You Win I Win* Champions Birds Born Bred Raced And Proven In The USA* And Now Mexico
      Go Diamond!!

    • Ross W. Hull on July 21, 2012 at 2:06 am

      Hi…I’d be interested in swapping some very good pigeons to you for a lab pup!Perhaps we could talk about it! If interested please contact me!

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