AU Statement on 2016 Convention

March 29, 2017

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The American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) posted this statement to their website concerning the 2016 Convention.

March 29, 2017

Update on 2016 Convention

The AU has been quite concerned about the events surrounding the 2016 Convention that took play in Ontario, CA. The AU is aware of the concerns of members and participants and has actively attempted to gain answers to critical questions from Host Committee Chairman, Kamal Hindi and to obtain an accounting. In addition, the AU has been in contact with Mr. Hindi’s attorney. Mr. Hindi’s attorney has informed the AU that Mr. Hindi has been endeavoring to compete and will provide an accounting regarding the 2016 Convention. The AU anticipates that it will have this accounting by mid-April. The AU has offered to use its resources to assist Mr. Hindi in this endeavor and while he has not taken the AU up on this offer, the AU intends to work closely with Mr. Hindi’s counsel to better ensure a prompt accounting.

Please note that as has been the case for decades, the convention is a local event sponsored by the local committee, which retains responsibility for ensuring that all vendors, fanciers and handlers are compensated and prizes awarded at the end of the convention.

The AU is committed to serving as a place where the sport of pigeon racing can be celebrated and where flyers can come together in the good spirit of the sport. The AU will continue to actively communicate with Mr. Hindi to obtain answers and an accounting regarding the 2016 Convention that his committee hosted and we look forward to providing the results to the membership, vendors and fanciers. We thank you for your patience.




One Response to AU Statement on 2016 Convention

  1. RONALD C WHITMER on March 30, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    Nicely worded in an effort to protect specific members of the AU Board. Remember everyone when it comes time to vote for new officers that Hindi was not voted into office, he was appointed as the pacific zone director by our president. Then also remember that Hindi and Mike Byrd were chair and co chair of the 2016 AU race from day one. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t think anyone who was joined at the hip with the Chair (Hindi) should be allowed to go all the way to the end and claim “Ole Ole Oxen Free” and be safe from the ramifications of what occurred or is about to occur. Also for everyone who was a handler or breeder for the race, Hindi sent out all paperwork listing himself as the Chair of the 2016 AU Race and as the pacific zone director. Permanently tying the AU to the race in such a way that they can send out all of the notices they want too. but I suspect in the end a judge will have to determine if the AU walks away from this without also being held responsible for all of the payouts that Hindi and Company cannot make.

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