ATTENTION – AU Race Secretaries

May 16, 2018
Beta testing is nearly complete and we hope to be live with the new National [American Racing Pigeon Union] Database (NDB) shortly.
Please note, only members who have been identified by their club as Race Secretaries will be able to login with their Username and Password from the old NDB to upload national.ndb files and view AU ID numbers.  You must be registered as Race Secretary at the national office.  Additionally, the AU office must have your current and correct email address in our admin database as well.
Often rosters are submitted to the national office without officers listed.  We know that many members serve as both the Secretary and Race Secretary and list themselves as just Secretary.  However, if we do not have the appropriate (Race Secretary) designation in our database, the NDB will not accept a login.  Please do not assume that if you submitted the roster or indicated that you were Secretary on the club roster, that you are accurately designated as Race Secretary.
Please share this information with your Race Secretary.  It may be wise to call the national office before you start uploading to ensure you are designated as Race Secretary and that we have the correct email address in our admin database.
We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.  Our sincere thanks to all of those that are involved that are working hard to see that the NDB is up and award calculations are correct.
American Racing Pigeon Union

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